• What We Do
    By providing professional threat assessments, vetted threat-based training and tailored protective services, our team of uniquely qualified experts equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to protect your most valuable assets - your people and your infrastructure.

Professional Threat Assessment

Have you ever seen your “threat report card?” Whether it be your family, your business or your organization, you are exposed to the persistent and unprecedented efforts of those who would do you great harm. How much of an advantage would it be for you to know in what areas you are the most vulnerable and more importantly what you can do about it?

Protective Services

Your search has ended for quality operational and/ or training solutions. GRS provides those tailored services you need for both your hard and soft skills development and implementation confidence.

Vetted Threat-based Training

Registered w/ SAMs and WAWF, GRS as a federal contractor maintains a successful and robust history ranging from prior deliveries to USN/ NAVSOC, USMC, NSA, Dept. of Defense, FBI, DEA, USCG and many others. A GRS private sector partial client list also includes the likes of Fortress Investments, The Trump Organization, World Trade Center and others.